Basics of Relationship!

Relationships are beautiful when started, for both the people. Usually, it’s the feeling of being on a 9th cloud. But when somebody asks you a question that are you truly happy in your current relationship? 8O% of people can’t answer it with a straight face and without blinking an eye. And if you can’t answer that question in a second without even giving it a thought that means you’re truly not happy. There’s something that’s bothering you. Now when we talk about relationship or singlehood, there’s a lot of difference in both of them. One is something where you have all the freedom of the world, you can do whatever you want to do in your life and much more. But on the other side when you’re in relationship you have somebody who’s always by your side no matter what, which gives you the power to do anything in this world for that person.
Being in a relationship is very hard and creating a true relationship is almost next to impossible. But one question that each one should ask to themselves is do they regret their current relationship. If the answer that comes to mind is ever a YES then that’s the point where you should be true to yourself and your partner and leave it peacefully. But if the answer pops as a NO then you know that even if you’re not completely happy, even if there are things which are not sorted yet then to being there in that relationship and fighting the odds is worth doing. Relationships are hard to handle and it takes a lot of sacrifices and compromises to create a beautiful and genuine relationship but when you have that relationship there’s nothing better than that relationship.
Even if you have been in few relationships that didn’t work out it’s actually a no big deal, once you find that person everything every phase of your life looks worth even if you went through a hell lot of pain. I have seen people who’re shit afraid of commitments and just wants to keep it casual. If your partner is one of such people, let go of him/her. And to give a reason behind it – I’ll explain you an example. Just think that received a property or huge amount of cash. What will you do? For anyone in their right state of mind, the answer will be I’ll secure my cash or property as soon as possible. Same applies to a relationship once somebody found the partner just like what they were looking for, they want to commit. They want to secure that person all for themselves they make a choice to be with that person instead of treating that person like a option. If your partner Is looking for something casual that clearly states that about him/her you’re not the one.
And if you are really serious about that person the best option in such situation is to leave that person immediately because that will become the cause of your pain. The most important thing in a relationship is that both of you should have the same goal. For example, if both of you’re looking for a casual relationship then it’s alright to be in that relationship or if both of you are serious then also it’s fine to continue your relationship. The most important thing, in whatever stage you’re in your relationship, you should not regret your relationship and if you do then that’s the point you should leave immediately.