Mysterious things in india that you don’t know off!

Om banna!
Okay! So, this one in very interesting and shows how superstitious we Indians are! I mean I found this long back and I was fucking amazed. So, you should know what I am talking about. I am talking about a bike, not just a bike but a bike which is worshipped by the people of jodhpur, Pali and nearby villages of Pali- jodhpur highway. This bike was of Mr. om Singh Rathore also known as om banna. He met an accident while travelling from the town Bangdi to Chotila. He lost control of his motorbike and died on the spot. Now you must be thinking what’s so special about it? Tons of accidents takes place every day. So, the special part is that it’s the bike that is considered as god. Villagers visit the temple of this bike with alcohol, teeka, coconut and many more. It is even considered that if you ignore this temple while travelling through that route, you’ll have very dangerous journey. It all started in 1991.It was said that when police took the motorcycle to nearby police station, next day it disappeared from there and found on the spot of accident. They tried this thing for number of times with different techniques like emptying the fuel tank, chaining the bike but no matter what they do and try bike use to get disappeared and next day was found on the accident spot. Basically, Rajasthan have bullet baba to save them. Interesting and funny, right?

It’s a normal village in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. It is considered as a haunted place as it was abandoned by the early 19th century. Now as I see it, it’s just a village which had lot of issues like water supplies and other resources. It was also found that it was abandoned because of earth quake. But you tell me how my story is going to benefit the government?
No it won’t so here’s the story that you’ll find all over the internet. It is a haunted village, villagers migrated from there because of some paranormal activities. You may also find that the earthquake that occurred in this village was abnormal. Like seriously, abnormal earthquake. It is said that, the ruined houses in these villages show evidence of earth related destruction, such as collapsed roofs, fallen joints, lintels and pillars. Such extensive destruction cannot be attributed to the normal processes of weathering and erosion, lol.
Now this story definitely attracts tourists and benefits government.

The twin town!
One of the biggest mystery in india is in Kodinhi , in Kerala. It’s a remote and sleepy village of Kerala. Researchers are still struggling with this mystery. After entering this village you’ll find a twin of almost everyone there. While the national average of twin births in india is not more than 9 in 1000 births , in Kodinhi , the number is as high as 45 in 1000 births. And according to the estimate in this village, there are at least 400 pairs of twins and has a population of 2000 families. Some of the researchers have stated that this happens because of water of that village or something is there in the air of that village. But not a single researcher has proven anything yet and this phenomenon remains a mystery for all of us.